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  • LCD Display
  • Features: Professional Accuracy, 10 Seconds Reading, Jumbo LCD, Alarm Signal, Flexible Tip
  • Water Resistant

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The Techsure Digital Thermometer provides quick, highly accurate reading of human body temperature, and display on the LCD. It is suitable for family health care. Please read the instructions thoroughly. Although the generally accepted normal temperature reading is (98.6°F) and still may be considered normal. Variations in temperature is lower in the morning than in the afternoon. Other variations may be due to the location of the temperature reading. Version 02 The procedure for testing in a water bath indicates that while the oral temperature. Oral Use Place the probe tip under the tongue as near as possible to the heat pocket. Approximate measuring time 10 seconds. Suggestion: Close your mouth at least 2 minutes before temperature taking for a more accurate measuring. Axillary Use: Wipe the underarm with a dry towel and place the probe tip under the arm so the tip is touching the skin with thermometer perpendicular to the body. Position the arm across the chest so the probe tip is well covered by the arm. Approximate measuring time: 1 minute. Note Axillary temperatures are generally 0.5°C/1.0°F lower than the oral readings.


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