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Ventmed Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) with EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief )


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Ventmed Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) with EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief ) offers the ultimate in sleep therapy comfort. It combines auto-adjusting pressure delivery with the breath-by-breath pressure relief for most natural sleep therapy. It also can provide non-invasive ventilation for patients with respiratory insufficiency in the hospital or home.

The key distinguishing feature of BiPAP is that the pressurized air is delivered at two alternating levels: inspiratory positive airway pressure(IPAP) and expiratory positive airway pressure(EPAP).

The inspiratory positive airway pressure is higher and supports a breath as it is taken in. Conversely, the expiratory positive airway pressure is a lower pressure that allows you to breathe out.

These pressures are preset and alternate just like your breathing pattern to make you get more comfortable.

2. Features:
1. More than 20hr real-time data and more than 1 year used records can be saved.

2. Showing airflow and pressure waves on the screen.

3. SD card for data communication.

4. Combined smart technologies.

5. Contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal.

6. EPR(expiratory pressure relief).

7. Auto-Leak Compensation.

8. Auto-Altitude compensation.

9. Alarm for cut down the power.

10. Independent airflow channel.

11. Huge display, 2.8″ TFT Screen, show airflow and pressure on the screen.

12. Parameters lock: all the parameters cannot be changed after setting.

3. Packing List

1. Host Device with Integrated Humidifier

2. Full Face Mask or Nasal Mask (Optional)

3. 5 Pieces of Filter Cotton

4. Air Tubing

5. Water Tub

6. SD Card

7. Measuring Cup

8. Power Supply Unit

9. Carry Package

10. User Manual

11. Carton Box

4. Specification
Product Name DS-7
Model Bi’PAP
Color Dark Grey
Machine Dimensions(cm) 28L x 14W x 9.5H
Carton Dimensions(cm) 38L x 36W x 16H
Gross Weight 1.6KG for the host, 3.9KG included all accessories and packing carton
Power Supply Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 2-1A

Output +24V, 2.5A

Working Mode CPAP, Auto, S, T, ST
Screen 2.8 inch TFT, 320 x 240
Screen Auto Sleep Auto sleep in 15 minutes, press any button to highlight screen
Over-Temperature Protection The motor will stop work automatically and buzzle will ring 4 times when the temperature is over
Button Press and Power off


Data Storage SD Card
DC Voltage 24VDC
DC Current 2.0A maximum
Sound <28db
Pressure Range 4-25cmH2O, auto adjust
IPAP 4-25 cmH2O
EPAP 4-20 cmH2O
Pressure Compensation Yes
Backup Rate 5-50min, adjustable
I/E 10-80%
Ramp Item 0-60min adjustable 1min/Step
Auto ON Yes
Auto OFF Yes
Inspirate Triggle 1-5 level
Expirate Level 1-5 level
Inspirate Sensitivity 1-5 level
Expiration Pressure Relief(EPR) Yes
Auto-Altitude Yes
Leak Compensation Yes
Awake Detection Yes
Breath Event Detection Yes
Auto Pressure Titration Yes
Mask Off Alarm When the mask is off, will Beep till mask put on or power off.
Power Off Alarm If power is off when the machine is working, will make a warning sound over 30 seconds.
Water Capacity 220ML max
Humidifier Level 0-5 level
Humidifier Integrated Heated Humidifier

5. Company Introduction 

Hunan VentMed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2013, which is integrated of R&D, production and sales. Company’s professional R&D team has focused on the exploration and innovation of medical devices for 15 years, dedicated to the diagnosis of sleep disorders and the overall solution of CPAP. The application of new high precision 3D sensors in related fields for the first time improves the comfort of the products and the accuracy of the data. In addition, the cloud platform built by 3G/4G network can realize the real-time monitoring of hospital, doctor and patient. It is the first medical device company to apply cloud platform to sleep monitoring in China.

VentMed has obtained multiple independent intelligent property rights.


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